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Frequently Asked Questions about the SEI Endorsement

Why is your training different from other trainings?
We use a proprietary system for getting teachers involved in their own learning, and then reflecting on how our strategies can be used in their classrooms. Our training weaves brain research, Robert Marzano’s Strategies that Work, best practices in second language acquisition, cooperative learning, and student motivation research to give you a relevant, highly applicable, and fun learning experience. We are not a jump-through-hoops training company. We wont teach something unless you can use it on Monday in your classroom. We are passionate about seeing all students succeed and achieve. But don’t let us tell you read our testimonials!

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Arizona SEI training

Why do I have to take these courses?
As a result of the Flores Consent Decree, which states that teachers need special training to meet the needs of their English Language Learners, all teachers must place a full SEI endorsement on their teaching certificate. This endorsement is comprised of two courses: a Provisional SEI Endorsement course (either 15 or 45 hours, depending on your certification date) and a Completion Course (45 hours). For a one-page document from the state on the requirements regarding Structured English Immersion, click here.

How do I know which courses I need?
If you were certified in Arizona or your home state (for those on a reciprocal teaching license) before August 31, 2006 (and have had no lapses since, or that include, that date), you will need to take a total of 60 hours for your Full SEI Endorsement. That includes 15 hours for the Provisional SEI Endorsementand the 45-hour Completion course.

If you are currently getting certified to teach, or were certified in Arizona or your home state 8-31-06 or later, or have had your Provisional Reciprocal teaching certificate lapse, you will need to take a total of 90 hours. The two 45-hour courses you need are the 45-hour Augmented Provisional course and the 45-hour Completion course.

Certification date Click on a training below to learn more or register:
Certified before 8/31/06: (in AZ or home state with no lapses, or AZ cert currently lapsed less than one year)15 hour Provisional SEI Course
45 hour Completion Course
Certified or certifying 8/31/06 or later, or prior certified whose AZ certificate has lapsed for more than one year45 hour Augmented Provisional Course
45 hour Completion Course


Do I have to take the courses in order?
No. While the original intention was to have all teachers take the courses in order, the state department of education recognizes that not all courses are available at all times. Therefore, teachers have been allowed to take the courses out of order. For example, a teacher newly certifying may not be able to find an Augmented Provisional 45-hour course within a tight timeframe, but is able to find a 45-hour Completion course starting next weekend. This teacher can take the Completion course first, but must take the Augmented course later to complete the endorsement.

I’ve taken one 45-hour course and need to take the other. How do I know which one I’ve taken already?
You need to check the approved provider lists to find out which you’ve already taken. (Click on the link below that describes where you took your training. Be sure to turn off your popup blocker, because each list below will open in a new window.) These lists should tell you which one you took, and should help you determine which one you still need. Most districts and companies, and even some colleges have not been approved for all three courses, so this should indicate which you’ve taken, as well.

My district or school has its own trainer(s), and I took it there.
My district contracted with a trainer or with a company who provided training.
I took my SEI course through a college or university.

We answer many calls on this subject, and invariably I hear, “I took the first 45 hours and now I need the second.” Be careful, because many people think that the Completion course is the first course because it was offered first in the state. The Augmented course wasn’t even available until 2006! If you’ve checked the list and you still find yourself confused, we will be happy to assist you in whatever way we can. Be sure to have your course number or the company from which you took the training available when you call 480-502-8250.

When does the endorsement have to be completed?
While there is no longer an 8-31-09 deadline to be fully SEI certified, everyone who is currently certified should be teaching under at least a Provisional SEI Endorsement at this time. Once you have taken the course you need (see table above), the Provisional endorsement should be added to your certificate when certifying, converting, or recertifying. Once it’s added, you have three years from the endorsement date to complete your Full SEI Endorsement and have that added to your certificate.

What if I came from another state?
You usually have a year to complete deficiencies. Once you complete your first course of the two that you need, add it to your certificate. You’ll have three years to complete the Full SEI Endorsement and add it to your certificate.

How long do I have to complete these requirements?
Once you’ve completed your first training and have added it to your certificate, you have three years to complete your Full SEI Endorsement and add it to your certificate.